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Ferrara - Wuthering Heights

by Ferrara


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An ambitious project recorded in 1979, Italo-disco funk outfit Ferrara released "Wuthering Heights" with lyrics written by Phylliss Ahlert based on Emily Bronte's famous novel. Arranged, composed, conducted and produced by John Ferrara; the album features a stellar cast of musicians including Bob Babbit and Neil Jason on bass; vocalists Angela Bofill, Irene Datcher, Curt Richards, Diane Wilson and Miles McMillen; Bob Cadway and Steve Bill on guitars; percussionists Jeff Kraus and Warren Odze; Lou Forestier on keyboards; Mike Levenson on vibes and bells; and a huge cast of horn and reed players including Brooks Tillotson, Greg Williams, Bob Smith, Joe Stelluti, Ralph Olson, Rick Centalonza, George Flynn, Keith O'Quinn, Danny Cahn, Bob Hahn, Sam Burtis and Bob Milliken. The album has gone on to become a highly sought after collector's item on vinyl among fans of classic disco, and is now a welcome addition to the digital realm.