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Sterling Grove - Wake Up (Nuage Remix)


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Nuage puts an upbeat UK dubstep spin on Ellyn Woods and Sterling Grove’s “Wake Up.” Incorporating a wobbling sub-bass, sharp electronic drums, and spacy vocal chops, Nuage constructs a sparse but driving foundation. He envelops the base with a vast, evolving atmosphere consisting of reverberating guitar, tabla shots, and spacious synths. With its lush synths and organic percussion, Sterling Grove’s instrumental likened waking up to the soft warmth of dawn. Conversely, with its snappy drums and swaggering bass, Nuage’s version conveys waking up from a disco nap ahead of going to a club. Nuage and Sterling Grove’s productions are two sides of the same coin. If Sterling Grove’s version conveys waking up to start your day, Nuage’s version conveys waking up to start your night.