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Boule Noire - Tous les succès (Résolution)


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I'd Like to Be with You My Baby (En amour) Buy
Aimes-tu la vie comme moi? Buy
Loin, loin de la ville Buy
Aimer d'amour Buy
Loin d'Ici Buy
La balance qui balance Buy
Barbados Girl Buy
Super, Super Lady Buy
Les années passent Buy
Constance Buy
1254 rue Stanley Buy
J'étais seul Buy
La loi de jah Buy
Kiki d'Hollywood Buy
Sexy Mama Buy
Histoire d'amour (You and Me Baby) Buy
La musique Buy
Easy to Love Buy
Revoici Noël Buy
Boule Noire's "Tous les succès (Resolution), is George Thurston's 1995 compilation album of the bands greatest hits. His prolific recording career began with a cover of a Frankie Lymon song, "Jeune Fille" ("My Girl") with his garage band Les Zinconnus. His talent and drive attracted the attention of Tony Roman, a hyper-aggressive and well-connected record promoter, who gave him the connections he needed to begin working in the studio. The Band found their greatest success, from their Triple-Platinum 1978 album "Aimer Amour", and they remained one of the Canadian greats from then on.