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Erotic Drum Band - The Collection


MP3/320 $7.99
FLAC $7.99
WAV $7.99
CD $19.88


Love Disco Style Buy
Plug Me to Death Buy
Action 78' Buy
Jerky Rhythm Buy
Love Disco Style (Edited Version) Buy
Pop Muzik Buy
Love Christmas Style Buy
Love Disco Style (Remix) Buy
Touch Me Where It's Hot Buy
Dance In Your Pants Buy
Sweet Seduction Buy
Pop Pop Shoo Wah Buy
Everybody Get Dancin' Buy
Sweet Seduction (Club Mix) Buy
Horny Buy
Erotic Drum Band were an early Canadian disco group with members M. Campanozi and Peter Di Milo. This release features the classic disco sound from the very early Canadian scene. Syncopated basslines, string sections, horns, electric piano, and  synthesizers can be heard throughout to get you moving.