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Indeep - The Collection

by Indeep


MP3/320 $8.99
FLAC $8.99
WAV $8.99
CD $17.77


Last Night a D.J. Saved My Life Buy
When Boys Talk Buy
Buffalo Bill Buy
The Night the Boy Learned How to Dance Buy
The Record Keeps Spinning Buy
10 Reasons Why I Can't Be Free Buy
Girls Got Soul Buy
If You Want It Buy
You Got to Rock It Buy
I Got My Rights Buy
Pajama Party Time Buy
Love Is Like a Gun Buy
Slow Down Buy
Lipstick Politics Buy
There It Is Buy
The Rapper Buy
Telephone Ringing (Sound Effect) Buy
Screeching Tires (Sound Effect) Buy
Flushing Toilet (Sound Effect) Buy
When Boys Talk (Scratch) Buy
Buffalo Bill (Percussion) Buy
Dog Barks & Screams With Echo Buy
The Record Keeps Spinning (Bonus Beats) Buy
Each Indeep album is avoidable for the percentage of filler, so Collection, released on Unidisc in 1991, is all you need -- unless you're a DJ desperate to expose some buried album cut that no one else paid attention to. This has everything you'd expect and more, including the number two club single "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life," "When Boys Talk" (number 16 club), "The Record Keeps Spinning" (number 32 club), and "Buffalo Bill" (number 81 black singles). Apart from the chart hits, there's nothing too memorable, and most of those cuts are either hampered by cloning attempts (the sub-Prince of "You Got to Rock It," for instance) or the kind of tacky saxophone soloing heard in too much mid-'80s pop. Still, there's no mistaking the fact that "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" is an essential '80s dance track and should be obtained in some form. You might be better off hunting it down on a various-artists compilation.