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Boule Noire - Let It Be


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Let It Be (Radio Mix) Buy
Sooner or Later Buy
Hot Hot Hot Buy
Black Tracks (C'est ton tour) Buy
L'île à Lou Buy
Barbados Girl (English Version) Buy
J'étais seul Buy
More of You Buy
Histoire d'amour (You and Me Baby) Buy
Souvenir de Santo Domingo Buy
Bébé Lady Buy
Easy to Love Buy
Entre nous Buy
La musique reggae Buy
La loi de jah Buy
Rasta Man Buy
Sexy Mama Buy
Let It Be (Club Mix) Buy

After successful interpretations of the Beatles' "Let It Be" in 1995, Boule Noire went on to highlight them in the form of an entire album of the same name. Frontman George Thurston, who had a long career of success by this point, continued to record, while becoming a highly popular weekend radio host in his native Quebec.