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Jon Rivera - High Hopes


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Following his “First Things First” EP which amassed over 700,000 streams over the last 6 months, Jon returns for the hot season with a dance-inducing single that breathes long summer nights. High Hopes represents yet another collaboration with Benjamin Caron aka myDirtyhaircut who has been his sidekick producer for the last 4 years. Jon, who's of Peruvian descent, has a soft spot for latin riddims, while Ben, multi-instrumentalist, can easily handle lead melodies. High Hopes is yet another example of them combining what they both love to do.

Building on his momentum, the artist will be releasing a series of 3 singles throughout the rest of 2022. An exclusive song will then accompany the 3 songs, which will be packaged into a short EP at the end of the year. As he was experimenting with the single format, Jon tried entering each recording session with a carefree state of mind, trying to capture what felt right at each specific moment, without overthinking.