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Patrick Cowley - Get a Little (Alan Dixon Remix)


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In 1981 Patrick Cowley and partner Marty Blecman chose "Get a Little" as the debut single for their brand new dance music label, Megatone Records. Orginally the B-Side opener to 'Megatron Man', it's fitting that 40 years later this important dance song is getting a rerelease with the full remix. In early 1981, Cowley had been frustrated by the distribution problems and lack of promotion for his first record, the chart-topping "Menergy" on the tiny San Francisco label Fusion Records, and with Blecman decided to start their own label. Their plan from the beginning was not only to issue Cowley's music but that of other artists who matched San Francisco's high energy synthesizer-heavy sound. Run out of Blecman's San Francisco flat, Megatone Records captured the new sound of that city's legendary gay nightlife. This release includes the album version and a remix by Paul Parker from the 1989 Cowley Remix Album, The Ultimate Collection that adds a fantastic house-influence bass line. But the highlights of the release are two new slightly faster remixes by Alan Dixon, which, while beautifully faithful to the original material manage to give Cowley's music new life and energy.