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Crown Heights Affair - Dream World


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Galaxy of Love Buy
I Love You Buy
Say a Prayer for Two Buy
Dream World Buy
Things Are Going to Get Better Buy
I'm Gonna Love You Forever Buy
Cherry Buy
I Love You (12" Remix) Buy
Say a Prayer for Two (12" Remix) Buy
Galaxy of Love (Radio Mix) Buy
I Love You (Radio Mix) Buy
Say a Prayer for Two (Radio Mix) Buy
Dream World (Radio Mix) Buy
I'm Gonna Love You Forever (Radio Mix) Buy
The New York-born disco band Crown Heights Affair is best known for their Top Five R&B/Top 40 pop hit "Dreaming a Dream." On Dream World, the group combined the optimistic tone of that smash with a slightly heavier funk tone; though their trademark horn sound is still in tact, "Galaxy of Love" is a fun, brassy romp that retains some of the frothy flavor of "Dreaming" and was a Top Five hit in the U.K. The huge club hit "Say a Prayer for Two" has gospel-ish lead vocals, a driving bass similar to Brass Construction's "Movin,'' and charted number 41 R&B in the fall of 1978.