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Artistes De Danse Sociale - Danse sociale avec les champions canadiens


MP3/320 $7.99
FLAC $7.99
WAV $7.99
CD $13.99


Bye bye mon cowboy (Cha cha) Buy
Coeur de loup (Samba) Buy
Sans toi (Rumba) Buy
Lambada (Lambada) Buy
Sauvez mon åme (Cha cha) Buy
Bomboléo (Samba) Buy
Ma mère chantais toujours (Valse) Buy
La dame en bleu (Tango) Buy
Shoop Shoop Song (Continental) Buy
La bamba (Mambo) Buy
"Danse sociale avec les champions canadiens" is a compilation of several dance tracks from different cultures and backgrounds. This release features elements of Cha Cha, Samba, Tango as well as other popular styles varying from track to track.