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Classics Funky Music, Vol. 2


MP3/320 $11.88
FLAC $11.88
WAV $11.88
CD $8.38


Act Like You Know (12 Inch Mix) (12 Inch Mix) Buy
Somebody's Else's Guy Buy
Double Dutch Bus Buy
Coult It Be Love (Remix) (Remix) Buy
I'll Do Anything for You (Remix) (Remix) Buy
All I Want Is My Baby Buy
Seventh Heaven Buy
Love Game Buy
I Hear Music in the Street Buy
Do It Buy
Sure Shot Buy
She Can't Love You Buy
"Classics Funky Music, Vol. 2" is a compilation album by Prelude Records, which features some of the Funkiest songs of the Labels collection. The second of two volumes, this record includes massives songs such as "Somebody Else's Guy", "Double Dutch Bus" and "She Can't Love You."