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Sylvester - Call Me


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Trouble In Paradise Buy
Call Me Buy
Good Feelin' Buy
He'll Understand Buy
One Night Only Buy
Too Late Buy
Power of Love Buy
Band of Gold Buy
Trouble In Paradise (Remix) (Bonus Track) Buy
Call Me (Remix) (Bonus Track) Buy
Good Feelin' (Remix) (Bonus Track) Buy
Too Late (Remix) (Bonus Track) Buy
Band of Gold (Remix) (Bonus Track) Buy
SylvesterSylvester peaked in the late '70s, was still making interesting music in the early '80s, and then began the slow and painful decline that ended in his death. This one wasn't ruined by his singing, which was still impressive, but by erratic production and compositions. Sylvester tried to be comic, soul man, tease, dance star, and pop artist and was so torn between guises that he never established one on the album.