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April Wine - Attitude


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Givin' It, Takin' It Buy
Good from Far, Far from Good Buy
If You Believe in Me Buy
That's Love Buy
It Hurts Buy
Hour of Need Buy
Here's Lookin' At You Kid Buy
Better Slow Down Buy
Strange Kind of Love Buy
Can't Take Another Nite Buy
Luv Your Stuff Buy
Emotional Dreams Buy
Voice in My Heart Buy
Girl in My Dreams Buy

The beginning of phase two of April Wine began with 1993's Attitude, after leader Myles Goodwyn had put the band to bed in 1984. It rocketed to gold record business in Canada, illustrating that the Wine formula hadn't outdated itself and could still be hip enough on radio. A chock full of inspired boy-girl ballads make this comeback memorable, as Goodwyn still finds the hooks to tug on the heart strings.