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Geraldine Hunt - Can't Fake the Feeling


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Can't Fake the Feeling Buy
No Way Buy
Could We Buy
Look All Around Buy
Glad I'm in Love Buy
Gotta Give a Little Love Buy
It Doesn't Only Happen At Night Buy
Undercover Lover Buy
Cause of Love Buy
Heart, Heart Buy
Baby You're Dynamite Buy
Can't Fake the Feeling (Remix) Buy
Can't Fake the Feeling (Dub Mix) Buy
Can't Fake the Feeling (Radio Edit) Buy
While Geraldine Hunt's name rarely pops up in conversations, the talented singer, writer, and producer born Geraldine Milligan in St. Louis, MO February 10, 1945, hasn't given up the fight for fame, money, and universal recognition. Hunt's family moved to Chicago when she was two years old, and the precocious youngster decided she wanted to sing a short time later. It was in her blood, her grandmother sung in the South, and her Dad made extra money doing a one-man band hustle. The bug really bit at Hyde Park High school where Minnie Ripperton was one of her classmates. She began recording in the '60s, songs like "I Let Myself Go" got some play on R&B stations but never became hits. Still, the lovely, full-throated singer toured and gigged the R&B spots and did studio work on others' sessions. Then all of sudden, she disappeared from the scene. Unbeknownest to music fans until recently, Hunt and her family moved to Montreal, Canada in 1975. She started her own label, 6 A.M. Records, and scored two small Canadian hits. In 1980 she recorded "Can't Fake the Feeling" on Prism Records, her most successful single. Its success prompted her first album, Can't Fake the Feeling. Lovers of Geraldine Hunt's biggest hit "Can't Fake the Feeling" will love this CD, as the song appears four times in various mixes. Co-written by Hunt, the club thriller is her biggest hit. Geraldine keeps the other tracks like "Undercover Lover," "Baby You're Dynamite," and "Glad I'm in Love Again" real with her soulful vocals.